Connecticut Lease Termination Notice Forms

Last Updated: April 3, 2024 by Roberto Valenzuela

A Connecticut lease termination notice is a document which officially announces the upcoming end of a rental tenancy. Either a landlord or tenant may give notice, in most cases at least 30 days in advance.

Types of Connecticut Lease Termination Notice Forms

Notice Form Lease Type
30 Day Notice To Vacate Written Lease / No Lease

Connecticut 30 Day Notice To Vacate

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A Connecticut 30 Day Notice To Vacate terminates a tenancy, regardless of rent payment frequency, as well as an expired lease or a situation with no written lease. The non-terminating party must receive notice at least thirty (30) calendar days before the date of termination.

How To Write a Lease Termination Notice in Connecticut

To ensure the legal compliance of a lease termination notice:

  1. Use the full name of the receiving party, and address of record, if known
  2. Specify the termination date of the lease or tenancy
  3. Fill in the full address of the rental premises
  4. Provide updated/current address and phone number information
  5. Print name and sign the notice
  6. Complete the certificate of service by indicating the date and method of notice delivery, along with printed name and signature

Landlord Requirements for a Lease Termination Notice in Connecticut

Connecticut law requires that a most forms of lease termination notice contain language substantially similar to the following:

I (or we) hereby give you notice that you are to quit possession or occupancy of the (land, building, apartment or dwelling unit, or of any trailer or any land upon which a trailer is used or stands, as the case may be), now occupied by you at (here insert the address, including apartment number or other designation, as applicable), on or before the (here insert the date) for the following reason (here insert the reason or reasons for the notice to quit possession or occupancy using the statutory language or words of similar import, also the date and place of signing notice). A.B.

The law further stipulates: “If the owner or lessor, or the owner’s or lessor’s legal representative, attorney-at-law or attorney-in-fact knows of the presence of an occupant but does not know the name of such occupant, the notice for such occupant may be addressed to such occupant as John Doe, Jane Doe or some other alias which reasonably characterizes the person to be served.”

How To Calculate Expiration Date in Connecticut

The “clock” for a lease termination notice period starts “ticking” the day after the notice gets delivered (served). For example, to give at least 30 days of notice and terminate a tenancy as of June 30th, delivery of the termination letter must be no later than May 31st. 

In most jurisdictions, if the last day of a notice period is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the notice period continues to run until the end of the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.

How To Serve a Lease Termination Notice in Connecticut

Connecticut tenants may deliver a notice of lease termination by any method which effectively brings it to the landlord’s attention. The same standard applies to landlords who are giving notice of an expiring lease, or giving a Notice To Comply or Vacate.

Landlords who want the legal option to regain possession of a property when terminating a lease for a valid reason must have the notice delivered by an officer or authorized process server. The third party who serves the process may deliver it by hand or leave it at the tenant’s address.