Michigan Residential Lease Termination Notice


Purpose. A Michigan lease termination letter (“Notice to Vacate”) is a required document to end month-to-month lease agreements in Michigan. State law requires giving at least 1 month notice for termination. However, state law does not require notice to be given to end fixed-term lease agreements on their end date.

Read further to learn more about notice requirements and the residential lease termination process in Michigan.

Michigan Notice Requirements for Lease Termination

Under Michigan Compiled laws § 554.134, tenancies that do not have a definite term may be terminated by either party using a notice of termination. The required notice period depends on the length of the interval between the rent payments:

  • If the tenant pays rent from week-to-week, then 1-week notice is required;
  • If the rent is payable from month-to-month, then 1-month notice is required;
  • If the period of interval between rent payments is 3 months or more, the notice period is 1-month notice;

As an exception to the above rules, a year-to-year tenancy may be terminated at any time by giving a termination notice that will terminate the lease 1 year from the date the notice is given to the other party.

Legally Terminating a Lease Early in Michigan

  • If the tenant is starting active military duty, the lease will end 30 days after the notice is provided.
  • If the tenant or their children are victims of domestic violence, the lease can be terminated without repercussions.
  • According to Mich. Comp. Laws § 554.601a, a tenant that is no longer capable of living alone can terminate the agreement with a 60-day notice.
  • If the rental unit is considered unsafe or inhabitable, the tenant can vacate and break the lease. 
  • If the landlord has harassed the tenant or violated their privacy, the obligation to pay rent can be ended.