Missouri Residential Lease Termination Notice


Purpose. A Missouri lease termination letter (“Notice to Vacate”) is a required document to end month-to-month lease agreements in Missouri. State law requires giving at least 30 days notice for termination. However, state law does not require notice to be given to end fixed term lease agreements on their end date.

Read further to learn more about notice requirements and the residential lease termination process in Missouri.

Missouri Notice Requirements for Lease Termination by Tenant

  • Based on Missouri Rev. Stat. § 441.060, for a year-to-year lease, a tenant or landlord must provide a 60-day notice before termination.  
  • For a month-to-month lease agreement, in Missouri, month-to-month agreements must have a 30-day notification period before they can be terminated by either the tenant or the landlord.
  • With week-to-week arrangements, there is no state statute-prescribed notification period. 

Legally Terminating a Lease Early in Missouri

  • The War and National Defense Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is a federal act that allows individuals assigned to active military duty to end fixed-term leases without incurring any repercussions. The lease ends 30 days after notice has been provided.
  • The rental unit violates Missouri health codes or is unsafe to dwell in. This also allows the tenant to not pay rent.
  • The landlord has violated the privacy of or harassed the tenant. 
  • In Missouri, the landlord is required to mitigate damages, so if a tenant has broken a lease, the landlord must make reasonable effort to find a replacement. Once the new tenancy begins, the prior tenant is no longer liable to pay restitution for rent (Missouri Rev. Stat. § 535.300).