Rhode Island Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

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What is a Rhode Island Month-to-Month Lease?

A month-to-month lease is an option that will provide the tenant and the landlord with a bit more flexibility than a fixed-term lease. This will make it more convenient when a tenant has to move out with very little notice. It can be an excellent option for a person who is waiting for their new home to be ready or a person who is getting married soon and will be moving out of the area. This type of lease will also give the landlord some leeway as well, so when they get a tenant who always pays rent late or is disruptive to the neighbors, they can easily end the rental agreement.

Rhode Island Requirements for a Month-to-Month Lease Termination

A month-to-month rental agreement is one that will automatically renew each month unless one of the parties who signed the original lease decides that they wish to discontinue the arrangement. This can easily be done with sufficient notice in the state of Rhode Island. Both the landlord and the tenant will need to provide the other party with a notice that is at least 30 days. This amount of notice should be enough to allow the tenant to find a new place to call home and the landlord enough time to find a new tenant to live in the unit the next month.

Raising the Rent in Rhode Island

The rules for increasing the rent in Rhode Island are a little different than a lot of the other states because the amount of time that the landlord will need to provide to the tenant is based upon their age. If the tenant is under 62 years of age, the landlord will need to give them a 30-day notice when they are planning to raise the rent. For a tenant that is over the age of 62, the landlord will be required to provide them with a 60-day notice for raising the rent. There is no statute that will limit how often the rent can be raised or by how much each time.

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