Can a Lease Automatically Renew in Oklahoma?

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Can a Lease Automatically Renew in Oklahoma? on

Yes, a lease can automatically renew in Oklahoma. Some leases include an automatic renewal clause that states exactly how to renew the lease (if any action is required at all).

In most cases, notice is only necessary if the tenant does not want to renew the lease (41 OK Stat § 41-36 (2019)). But this isn’t the only way to renew a lease. Even without an automatic renewal clause, the lease is renewed if the tenant remains on the property after the lease expires and the landlord accepts rent from them (41 OK Stat § 41-35 (2019)).

While some leases that renew this way become month-to-month tenancies, others renew for a period equivalent to the original lease (such as one year). Sometimes, renewing the lease by continued possession makes the tenant a ‘tenant at will’ (41 OK Stat § 41-2 (2019)).

To terminate a tenancy at will or a month-to-month tenancy, either party must give 30-day’s written notice (41 OK Stat § 41-4 ; 41 OK Stat § 41-111 (2019)). To terminate tenancy that has renewed from year-to-year, either party must provide 3-months’ written notice (41 OK Stat § 41-5 (2019)).

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