Arkansas Landlord Retaliation Laws

Arkansas Landlord Retaliation Laws

Last Updated: February 11, 2023

Tenant Protected Actions
  • Reporting Lead Hazards
Landlord Retaliatory Actions
  • Eviction Specifically
  • Other Retaliatory Acts Generally
Penalties for Retaliation
  • Administrative Sanctions

When Is It Illegal for Landlords to Retaliate in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the few states where landlords are legally allowed to retaliate against tenants with measures like raising rent or refusing to renew a lease. The only exception is for reporting lead hazards. Landlords aren’t allowed to respond to such reporting with eviction or other retaliatory action.

What Can Tenants Do in Response in Arkansas?

Tenants in Arkansas have no legal response to landlord retaliation unless they were reporting lead hazards. In that case, they can report the retaliation to the Department of Health, which can put a variety of fines or other administrative requirements on the landlord.

If the landlord’s retaliation is so severe that it effectively prevents the tenant’s use of the rental property, the tenant can cancel the rental agreement and move out under a claim of constructive eviction.