Idaho Landlord Retaliation Laws

Idaho Landlord Retaliation Laws

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

Tenant Protected Actions
  • Health/Safety Complaints to Gov’t
  • Securing Legal Rights
Landlord Retaliatory Actions
  • Eviction
Penalties for Retaliation
  • Repossess Property
  • Sue for Damages

When Is It Illegal for Landlords to Retaliate in Idaho?

It’s illegal for Idaho landlords to retaliate by attempting eviction after tenants report violations of housing or safety codes, or otherwise try to secure a legal right related to their rental of the property. The tenant has the burden of proof when alleging retaliation.

What Can Tenants Do in Response in Idaho?

If a landlord starts an eviction in Idaho, the tenant can prevent the eviction by showing a retaliatory motive (can be proven by implication). The tenant can also get monetary damages or an injunction, including court costs and attorney fees, when following the legal process for notification about repair issues.