Maryland Rent Increases & Fees

Last Updated: May 12, 2022 by Elizabeth Souza

  • Rent Control / Increase Limitations. Maryland state landlords can raise rent only after the lease has ended.
  • Notice Required to Raise Rent. There is no notice requirement for the state of Maryland; however, it is customary for Maryland landlords to provide 60 days’ notice from next rent due date. Certain cities like Montgomery, Balitmore and Takoma Park have their own notice requirements.
  • Late Rent Fees. Maryland state landlords may charge up to $35 for bounced checks.

When Can a Landlord Increase Rent?

The state of Maryland has no regulations regarding rent increases. Most renters will find information regarding the frequency, amounts, and procedures for rent increases in their lease. If there is no written lease, the landlord is must provide written notice before raising rent.

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When is it Illegal to Raise Rent?

According to the Federal Fair Housing Act, is illegal for rent to be raised based on the age, race, religion, nation or origin, familial status, or disability status or a tenant.

It is also illegal for a Maryland landlord to raise rent in retaliation for a tenant exercising his/her tenant rights.

Is there a Rent Increase Limit?

The state of Maryland has no regulations regarding rent increases.

How Much Notice is Needed for Raising Rent?

In Maryland, there is no specific statute of how much notice is needed for a rent increase; however, it is customary to provide at least 30 Days’ Notice.

Depending on the city and county, more notice may be required, for instance:

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How Often Can Rent Be Increased?

The state provides no restrictions regarding how often landlords can increase rent. This may vary by city.

Takoma Park allows an increase once every 12-month period. The allowance must be equal to the annual increase in the Consumer Price index for the Washington/Baltimore region.

Laws Regarding Late Fees

The state of Maryland specifies that late fees cannot exceed 5% of the rental amount. (Md Real Property Code 8-208 (d) (3) If rent is paid on a weekly basis, a late penalty cannot exceed $3 per week or no more than $12 per month.

Laws Regarding Bounced Check Fees

In Maryland, a landlord can collect up to $35 for a bounced check and must be written in the lease agreement. (MD Code Comm. Law. § 15-802)

Cities in the State with Rent Control

  • There is no statewide rent control; however, certain cities in Maryland have their own governing laws regarding rent increases.
  • Although Montgomery County has no rent control, it stipulates that a landlord must provide a written 90-Day Notice before a rent increase, and limits the number of increases to once a year. The county also issues an annual recommendation for rental rates based on the Consumer Price Index for the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.
  • Takoma Park publishes an annual rent stabilization allowance which informs Takoma Park landlords of the maximum amount they may increase rent (Takoma Park Rent Stabilization law Chapter 6-20).