TurboTenant Tenant Screening Review

TurboTenant Tenant Screening Review

Last Updated: June 26, 2023 by Cameron Smith

TurboTenant’s tenant screening services provide some of the cleanest reports and best overall user experience in the industry. However, the prohibitive price will turn off some applicants, and the inclusion of only basic reports will dissuade many landlords.

Sample Reports: Standard Screening Report ($55),

What is TurboTenant?

TurboTenant is a tenant screening service that provides credit and background checks on rental applicants. While TurboTenant offers many resources for property managers, this review will focus on their tenant screening service.

TurboTenant Features and Facts

Time to Get Results A few minutes after application is submitted
Data Source TransUnion
Who Pays Landlord or Tenant
Type of Application Online through their portal
Hard Inquiry No
Nationwide Criminal & Eviction Check Yes
Felonies & Misdemeanors Yes
SSN Fraud Check Yes
Terrorist Check No
Sex Offender Check No
Income Verification Yes, with annual membership

TurboTenant Pros & Cons

  • Incredibly Simple Process – Everything for both landlords and applicants is streamlined with no extra steps.
  • Beautiful Interface – One of the best designed landlord dashboards of any tenant screening service.
  • Application and Tenant Screening Combined – Some services don’t capture thorough application information along with a tenant screening request. TurboTenant does this brilliantly.
  • Only the Most Common Reports – You’ll get eviction, criminal, and credit reports, but nothing else—unless you pay a membership for an Income Insights report.
  • Expensive for Applicants – Many applicants won’t follow through because of the $55 cost (although that can be lowered to $45 if landlords pay $99 per year).

TurboTenant Screening Pricing

Package Cost Features
Standard $55
  • Credit Score
  • Credit Report
  • Collections
  • Nationwide Criminal Report
  • Nationwide Evictions Report
Premium $99 per year, $45 per report Standard Package plus
  • Income Insights

TurboTenant Walkthrough

Here’s how TurboTenant’s process looks for creating the application, filling out the application, viewing the landlord’s dashboard, and going over the reports.

1. Create Application

First, you’ll create a landlord account:

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

You’ll then continue on through their (beautifully-designed) account creation process:

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

It’s nice to see that TurboTenant has several resources for property managers, but we’ll go ahead and click “Screening” here.

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

Then, you’ll come to a simple screen where you’ll add your unit’s address:

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

You’ll see a little preview of what their screening reports look like, as well as the cost. It’s pricey at $55 per applicant, which may turn off some of your potential renters (if you’re having them pay for it).

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

You’re a bit limited in that you can only send an email invite rather than having a link to put online. However, TurboTenant’s screening process doesn’t incorporate a full application process, so they assume you’ve already gathered your applicant’s information, making sending an email invite the logical choice.

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

Next, you have to comply with TransUnion’s requirements to be able to have screening reports sent to you:

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

For this walkthrough, we selected the $55 option:

Create application   on iPropertyManagement.com

2. Tenant Application Process

TurboTenant offers the ability to send an invite for just tenant screening or for a full application with the tenant screening. We love when tenant screening services provide this option In this example, we sent an invite for a full application plus screening:

New application   on iPropertyManagement.com

Right away, the applicant is told what’s to be expected—with the price mentioned here being especially noteworthy. Some applicants will likely leave at this step.

New application   on iPropertyManagement.com

The applicant then creates an account and adds some basic information:

New application   on iPropertyManagement.com

Then, the applicant can put in desired move-in date, co-signers, and total property residents.

New application   a on iPropertyManagement.com

Now, landlords can collect residential history as well as contact information for landlords:

New application   on iPropertyManagement.comNew application   on iPropertyManagement.com

Up next is employment information, including employer contact information:

New application   on iPropertyManagement.comNew application   on iPropertyManagement.com

Does the applicant have any other sources of income?

New application    on iPropertyManagement.com

Now, we’ll collect some general information, with the ability to expound on certain answers:

New application    on iPropertyManagement.comNew application    on iPropertyManagement.comNew application    on iPropertyManagement.com

Now, the applicant will see one of the most important steps: background information. If the applicant has had any issues with evictions, convictions, or bankruptcies, they can explain the situation here. This allows the landlord to see if there are any extenuating circumstances before throwing aside an applicant.

New application    on iPropertyManagement.comNew application    on iPropertyManagement.comNew application    on iPropertyManagement.comNew application    on iPropertyManagement.com

Next, the applicant adds their emergency contact:

New application    on iPropertyManagement.com

This next step should be standard among all tenant screening services, as adding these documents goes a long way to verifying your potential tenant’s information.

New application    on iPropertyManagement.com

Finally, we get to the payment page:

New application    on iPropertyManagement.com

This is a bit of a long process, but it should be a long process to gather the relevant information. It’s done about as seamlessly as we’ve seen from other tenant screening services. However, they do omit gathering personal references, but those are less important than employer and past landlord references.

3. Landlord Report View

In line with everything else by TurboTenant, the reports are easy to navigate. Everything looks clean:

Landlord dashboard   on iPropertyManagement.com

Most tenant screening companies provide immediate reports, but TurboTenant takes a few minutes to give you theirs. It’s not a big deal, but rather a slight inconvenience.

Landlord dashboard   on iPropertyManagement.com

4. Credit Report

First, landlords get this excellent screen to summarize the credit report:

Credit report   on iPropertyManagement.com

This is followed by address history and current employment:

Credit report   on iPropertyManagement.com

Now, landlords will see a summary of the tradelines (or credit accounts). This person has 33, which seems like a lot, however these reports show closed tradelines as well as open ones. Furthermore, student loans often show up as many different smaller accounts.

Credit report   on iPropertyManagement.com

The most important information on this view is to see the “Total” under the “Payment” column. This tells the landlord how much the applicant pays per month in debt payments. From there, you can calculate an accurate debt-to-income ratio—which is far superior to rent-to-income.

Credit report   on iPropertyManagement.com

Here’s a summary of total debt:

Tradelines on iPropertyManagement.com

Next, you’ll be able to see information on any specific tradeline. For example, here’s one for a mortgage. You can see how much is owed each month, the remaining balance, as well as their history of on-time vs late payments.

Mortgage on iPropertyManagement.com

5. Criminal & Eviction Reports

Per usual, these reports are very simple, however, TurboTenant manages to display in a cleaner way than most:

Credit report   on iPropertyManagement.com

Should You Use TurboTenant?

TurboTenant allows landlords to easily order screening reports, and the process couldn’t be simpler for the applicant as well. The price is higher than most other services, meaning that many of your applicants will likely choose to apply elsewhere. Reports include the basics, but nothing more.

Overall, while they have a good service, landlords can find more complete options at a better price in the marketplace.

TurboTenant Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions asked about TurboTenant:

1. Is TurboTenant a Legitimate Site?

TurboTenant is a legitimate site and service. They’ve had over 500,000 landlords use their rental management and tenant screening services.

2. Does TurboTenant Run a Hard Credit Inquiry?

Credit checks from TurboTenant are done via soft inquiry and will not affect the applicant’s credit score.

3. Are TurboTenant’s Tenant Screening Reports Accurate?

Powered by TransUnion, TurboTenant’s reports are thorough and accurate.