Colorado Springs Residential Lease Agreement

Last Updated: April 16, 2024 by Roberto Valenzuela

A residential lease agreement in Colorado Springs is a binding document between a landlord and a tenant. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions surrounding the use of a rental property in exchange for payment.

Residential Lease Agreement Requirements in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has no city-specific residential lease agreement requirements or disclosures. As such, landlords and tenants in Colorado Springs follow Colorado requirements for lease agreements.

Landlord-Tenant Rights and Regulations in Colorado Springs

When it comes to landlord-tenant rights, Colorado Springs landlords should be aware of the following:

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

The City of Colorado Springs funds two different programs that help provide rental assistance to low-income tenants:

  • Colorado Springs Housing Authority – supports low-income families experiencing homelessness, and helps them move into stable and secure housing
  • Senior Tenant-Based Rental Assistance – supports low-income senior tenants by providing affordable housing options

Housing and Maintenance Code

Similar to State law, Colorado Springs has their own local housing and maintenance code that outlines the responsibilities of both tenants and property owners. This code covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Smoke detector requirements
  • Disposal of garbage
  • Screens, doors, and windows
  • Plumbing, heating, and utilities
  • Weeds and grass

Optional Lease Agreement Disclosures and Addendums in Colorado Springs

While not mandatory, landlords can add specific disclosures and addendums to their leases. This helps outline the responsibilities of the tenant and can prevent future liability issues.

Fire Safety Disclosure

Due to Colorado’s higher wildfire risk, landlords may want to include a fire safety disclosure along with the lease agreement. This should provide information relating to smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, fire safety systems, alarms, and evacuation plans.

Parking Rules Addendum

Since Colorado Springs is primarily a driving city, landlords may want to include a parking addendum to clearly outline the building’s parking policy. This should include information on assigned parking spots, street parking rules, and any prohibited uses of the parking space.

Summary of Required Lease Disclosures for the State of Colorado

  • Radon Gas Disclosure – Colorado law requires that all residential lease agreements include a radon gas disclosure. This must include a a formal statement about the dangers of radon gas, plus current information about radon testing and concentrations on the property. The disclosure is not valid unless signed by the tenant.
  • Lead-Based Paint – It is a federal law in the United States that any home built prior to 1978 must disclose the risks posed by lead-based paints.