Washington Sublease Agreement

Grab our free sample or generate an official Washington state sublease agreement for residential use. Read further about subletting laws in Washington state, required disclosures, optional addendums and what other Washington landlord tenant laws apply to residential sublease agreements.

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Sublease Agreement Sample

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What is a Washington sublease agreement?

A sublease agreement allows the tenant under a lease agreement to rent out all or a portion of the rental unit to another subtenant. This requires the express written permission of the landlord. Some leases prohibit subleasing. Others allow it under certain circumstances. If a lease does not say that subleasing is allowed, then a tenant who wishes to sublease some or all of the rental unit should first get the landlord’s approval in writing.

A landlord will usually require the landlord’s approval of the new tenant and can deny approval if the tenant does not pass the income qualifications, credit history requirements, and the background check.

Subletting Laws in Washington

Washington does not have any laws that specifically relate to subleasing. Whatever is said in the written agreement about subleasing goes.

What to Include in a Washington Sublease Agreement

Here are the items to include in a sublease agreement in Washington:

  • The beginning and end dates of the agreement.
  • Names of the sublessor (original tenant), sublessee (new tenant) and lessor (original landlord).
  • Identification of the rental unit or portion thereof subject to the sublease.
  • Rent amount and how it is to be paid (when and to whom).
  • Inventory of included items, such as appliances, furniture, etc.
  • Identification of, and restrictions for the use of, any common areas.
  • If utilities are shared, how the allocations will be calculated and how the bills will be paid.
  • Any special terms and conditions such as restrictions on use, pets, guest policy, noise policy, and other premises’ rules.
  • A referral to the original lease agreement with an acknowledgment that all the terms and conditions in the original lease apply to the sublease. Attach a copy of the original lease to the sublease agreement.
  • Signature of all parties and the date that they signed the agreement.