Property Management in Orange County, CA

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Orange County vs Surrounding Cities

Orange County is positioned on the coast of southern California, starting around San Clemente and extending north to the Seal Beach area. It extends inland past the Limestone Canyon Regional Park and almost to Chino Hills State Park. With high-priced tourist destinations like Huntington Beach and Newport Beach included, the county demands a high cost of living. The median home value is approaching $700,000, and the median listing price is typically around $750,000.

Those prices are comparable to Los Angeles, which is located about 30 miles north of the county. Southern California residents can find lower housing prices if they look in smaller cities surrounding the county, including Long Beach, Corona and Temecula. It’s common to see median listing prices below $500,000 in these towns.

Orange County Property Managers

Property managers offer services designed to lighten the load for rental property owners. They can keep rental units occupied, manage tenants and oversee the rules for each property. A good manager can make the difference between a well-managed property with excellent tenant retention and a rental property with a poor reputation.

Orange County Property Management Company Fees

Most property management services will charge a percentage of the monthly rent collected, but some prefer to quote a flat monthly fee. If you go off a percentage, you may have to pay an additional fee for every unoccupied unit. You can also expect to pay for repairs, advertising and other expenses required for the maintenance and promotion of your property.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord refuses to make necessary repairs to a rental property, the tenants have the option of paying for the repairs personally. They can then deduct the expense from their rental payments.
  • California tenants cannot legally retaliate against tenants who pay for their own property repairs and deduct the expense from their rent.