Property Management in San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco vs. Nearby Cities

The median listing price for San Francisco homes tends to stay around $1 million. The median home value is often just a little higher than $1 million. This is comparable to most smaller cities nearby, including Berkeley and San Mateo. The median home value in Berkeley tends to stay rather close to values seen in San Francisco, but the median listing price is often closer to $900,000.

For substantially lower prices, you may want to consider homes closer to San Jose. This city is about 50 miles south of San Francisco and offers a median listing price closer to $800,000. The median home value is also much lower, coming in around $750,000 much of the time.

San Francisco Property Managers

A property manager is a trusted assistant with significant knowledge about San Francisco and the surrounding area. They can help with every phase of the rental process from determining how much to charge per month to detailing policies and finding the right tenants. Once your property is rented, the manager is key to ensuring that the rental agreement is upheld.

San Francisco Property Management Company Fees

When you hire a property manager in San Francisco, you will likely pay them a percentage of the rent collected from your tenants each month. This may include a vacancy fee when one or more rental units are empty. It’s important to ask questions so that you know what services are and are not included in that basic fee.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • California landlords may use tenant screening services to lea about the rental history of potential tenants. They are also legally permitted to check a tenant’s credit history directly through the credit bureaus.
  • When a landlord collects a holding deposit to reserve a rental unit for specified period of time, they cannot rent that unit to anyone else during that time frame.