Property Management in Visalia, CA

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Visalia vs Nearby Cities

Visalia rests in the south-central region of California, which offers some of the most affordable real estate prices. The median rental price is around $1,200 in most cities, which is less than half the median rental price seen in many other areas of the state. Visalia features a median listing price over $250,000 most of the time, and the median price per square foot is typically around $150. These prices are similar to those in most nearby cities, including Fresno, Hanford and Bakersfield. Compared to many coastal cities, these home prices are considered a bargain.

Visalia Property Managers

If you don’t have the time to properly manage your rental property, a manager can relieve much of the stress. You can depend on your manager to monitor your property as well as your tenants, ensuring that rent is collected, rules are followed and necessary repairs are handled promptly. The result is a more profitable rental business.

Visalia Property Management Company Fees

Property management fees are typically expressed as a percentage of the gross rental payments collected. Some managers also ask for leasing fees, which cover the expense of marketing to find tenants and screening potential applicants. A vacancy fee ensures that the manager is paid fairly even when some units are unoccupied.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Once a tenant moves out of a rental unit and the keys are returned, the landlord can take up to three weeks to return the security deposit.
  • If a tenant disputes deductions taken from a security deposit, they can file a lawsuit worth up to $10,000 in damages.