How To Serve an Eviction Notice in Connecticut

How To Serve an Eviction Notice in Connecticut

Last Updated: April 25, 2024 by Roberto Valenzuela

In Connecticut, in order for the delivery of a lease termination or eviction notice to be legal, certain rules and procedures must be followed. If they are not and the case proceeds to court, the case may be postponed or dismissed by a judge.

Who Can Serve Eviction Notices in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, landlords cannot serve a 3 day notice to quit (for nonpayment of rent) or a 3 day notice to vacate (for an incurable breach of the lease), but can deliver notice of an expiring lease, or a Notice To Comply or Vacate.

A state marshal, proper officer or a person specially appointed by the court must serve any 3 Day Notice.

When Can Eviction Notices Be Served in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, an eviction or lease termination notice may be served any day of the week. For notices to be served by the state marshal, proper officer or specially appointed person by the court, they will inform the landlord when the notice is scheduled to be delivered.

For a 3 Day Notice to Quit, the eviction notice used for tenants that do not pay rent in full and on time, a notice can be served four (4) days after rent is due for a one (1) week tenancy or nine (9) days after the rent is due for all other tenancies.

Acceptable Forms of Service in Connecticut

Connecticut landlords who are giving notice of an expiring lease, or delivering a Notice To Comply or Vacate, may inform the tenant by any method which effectively brings it to the tenant’s attention.

Landlords who want the legal option to regain possession of a property when terminating a lease for a valid reason must have the notice delivered by an officer or authorized process server. The third party who serves the process may deliver it by hand or leave it at the tenant’s address.


All Connecticut eviction notices must attach a notice of tenant rights advising that the tenant may be able to obtain free legal counsel related to the eviction.

Obtaining Proof of Service in Connecticut

After serving the notice, the state marshal, proper officer or specially appointed person by the court will complete proof of service for the landlord, as required by law. The landlord can expect to receive the original notice with proof of service by mail.

After the landlord serves a notice, the landlord shall complete the declaration of service or certificate of service for proof of service.  The landlord should keep the original notice and proof of service in the tenant’s file for their records.

Connecticut Eviction and Lease Termination Notice Forms

Notice Form Grounds
3 Day Notice To Quit Eviction for Unpaid Rent
15 Day Notice To Comply or Vacate Eviction for Lease Violation
3 Day Notice To Vacate Eviction for Illegal Activity

Eviction for Repeat Lease Violation

30 Day Notice To Vacate End of / No Lease