Landlord’s Right to Entry in Hawaii

Landlord’s Right to Entry in Hawaii

Last Updated: April 15, 2023

Legal Reasons for Entry
  • Inspections
  • Improvements (incl. decoration)
  • Maintenance
  • Property Showings
  • Emergencies
Notice Requirement
  • Usually 2 Days, Written or Verbal
  • None Needed for Emergencies
Penalties for Illegal Entry
  • Court Injunction
  • Cost of Damages
  • Breaking the Lease
  • Court + Legal Fees

Does a Landlord Have the Right To Enter a Rental Property in Hawai’i?

In Hawai’i, the landlord has a right to enter a rental property for the following reasons:

  • Inspecting the property.
  • Improvements (including decorations).
  • Maintenance and repairs.
  • Showing the property to potential renters and buyers.
  • Emergencies.

Can a Landlord Enter Without Permission in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords can legally enter a rental property without permission only in an emergency.

Can a Landlord Enter Without the Tenant Present in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords can legally enter a rental property without the tenant present.

Can a Landlord Show a House While Occupied in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords can show an occupied house. The renter can’t unreasonably refuse.

How Often Can Landlords Conduct Routine Inspections in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords have no specific limit on how often they can enter for inspections. The landlord isn’t allowed to enter unreasonably often, but what’s reasonable gets decided case by case.

How Much Notice Does a Landlord Need To Provide in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords must provide two days of notice, unless there’s a provable reason (such as an emergency) why notice isn’t reasonably possible.

Can a Landlord Enter Without Notice in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords can enter without notice only in an emergency.

How Can Landlords Notify Tenants of an Intention To Enter in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords can notify tenants verbally or in writing about an intention to enter.

Can a Tenant Refuse Entry to a Landlord in Hawai’i?

Hawaii tenants can refuse entry to landlords if entry isn’t for an allowed purpose (inspections, repairs, improvements, showings, and emergencies), or if the manner of entry is unreasonable. For example, in most cases a tenant could refuse entry for a property showing in the middle of the night.

What Happens If the Tenant Illegally Refuses Entry to the Landlord in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i landlords can go to court if the tenant illegally refuses entry, and ask for an injunction to compel entry, or monetary damages suffered. If the refusal relates to property damage or code noncompliance, the landlord can cancel the rental agreement if the tenant doesn’t remedy within 10 days.

Can a Tenant Change the Locks Without Permission in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i tenants can change locks without permission if the lease doesn’t say otherwise. The landlord still has a right to enter for specific reasons, so it’s recommended that tenants provide copies of current keys.

What Can a Tenant Do If the Landlord Enters Illegally in Hawai’i?

Hawai’i tenants can take the following actions if a landlord enters illegally or repeatedly demands to enter in an unreasonable way:

  • Get a court order to ban the landlord from entering and/or harassing.
  • Cancel the rental agreement.
  • Recover cost of any actual damages, plus a minor civil fine (up to $100).
  • Report the landlord to the office of consumer protection.