Illinois Landlord Retaliation Laws

Illinois Landlord Retaliation Laws

Last Updated: April 21, 2023

Tenant Protected Actions
  • Health/Safety Complaints to Gov’t
Landlord Retaliatory Actions
  • Eviction
  • Refusing to Renew a Lease
Penalties for Retaliation
  • Defend Against Eviction
  • Sue for Damages

When Is It Illegal for Landlords to Retaliate in Illinois?

In Illinois, it’s illegal for landlords to retaliate by evicting or refusing to renew the lease of a tenant who complains in good faith about a property’s noncompliance with a code or ordinance.

Although this is the only specific retaliation type in the law, Illinois courts have ruled other types of retaliation are also illegal, as determined case by case. For example, a landlord might be found retaliating if he tries to evict after the tenant joins a tenants’ union.

What Can Tenants Do in Response in Illinois?

In Illinois, a tenant can claim retaliation as a defense to eviction. If the tenant establishes that the eviction was filed with a retaliatory intention, the court will dismiss the eviction action and might also award monetary damages to the tenant.