Wisconsin Landlord Retaliation Laws

Wisconsin Landlord Retaliation Laws

Last Updated: August 19, 2023

Tenant Protected Actions
  • Code Complaints / Lawsuits
  • Participation in Tenant Organizations
  • Enforcing Lawful Rights
Landlord Retaliatory Actions
  • Eviction
  • Canceling Automatic Lease Renewal
  • Reducing Utility Services
  • Other Forms of Constructive Eviction
Penalties for Retaliation
  • Court Injunction
  • 2x Costs
  • Recover Legal Fees

When Is It Illegal for Landlords to Retaliate in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, it’s illegal for landlords to retaliate by evicting, canceling an automatic lease renewal, reducing utility services, or any other act that’s constructively evicting a tenant who has taken one of the following protected actions:

  • Reporting or suing over a code violation.
  • Participating in a tenant organization.
  • Pursuing rights under state or local law.

What Can Tenants Do in Response in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin tenants can respond to landlord retaliation by suing for double the economic damage caused. They might also seek an injunction. If the tenant wins, he gets to recover reasonable court costs and attorney fees. The state of Wisconsin might also prosecute the landlord for unfair trade practices.