Landlord’s Right to Entry in Wyoming

Landlord’s Right to Entry in Wyoming

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

Note: In Wyoming, every legal obligation between the landlord and the tenant can be changed or waived through a written agreement. None of the default standards apply if the written lease explicitly says otherwise.

Legal Reasons for Entry
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Property Showings
Notice Requirement
  • No Specific Requirement
Penalties for Illegal Entry
  • Court Injunction
  • Cost of Damages
  • Breaking the Lease (severe cases)

Does a Landlord Have the Right To Enter a Rental Property in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords have the right to enter a rental property for the following reasons:

  • Maintenance.
  • Inspecting the property.
  • Showing the property for rental or sale.

Can a Landlord Enter Without Permission in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords can usually enter a rental property legally without asking permission when entering for permitted reasons. The landlord only needs permission to enter if the renter has a specific, reasonable basis to demand permission.

Can a Landlord Enter Without the Tenant Present in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords can legally enter a rental property without the tenant present.

Can a Landlord Show a House While Occupied in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords can show an occupied house. The renter can’t unreasonably refuse.

How Often Can Landlords Conduct Routine Inspections in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords have no specific limit on how often they can enter for inspections. The landlord isn’t allowed to enter unreasonably often, but what’s reasonable gets decided case by case.

How Much Notice Does a Landlord Need To Provide in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords don’t have to provide a particular amount of advance notice before entering. Landlords have to enter in a manner that’s reasonably considerate of the renter, but what’s reasonable gets decided case by case. 24 hours of notice is a reasonable minimum outside of emergencies.

Can a Landlord Enter Without Notice in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords can enter without notice for legally allowed purposes. The renter does have a right to quiet enjoyment of the property, so repeated unannounced entries might count as a constructive eviction. Renters can reasonably expect advance notice before entry unless there’s a specific justification otherwise.

How Can Landlords Notify Tenants of an Intention To Enter in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords can notify tenants verbally or in writing about an intention to enter.

Can a Tenant Refuse Entry to a Landlord in Wyoming?

Wyoming tenants can refuse entry when a landlord isn’t entering for repairs, inspection, or a showing. Even for legally allowed reasons, the tenant can refuse entry when there are specific, reasonable grounds to do so (for example, if a landlord wants to show the property at 3:00 AM).

What Happens If the Tenant Illegally Refuses Entry to the Landlord in Wyoming?

Wyoming landlords can get a court order to force access, or sue the tenant for damages, when a tenant illegally refuses entry. In extreme cases, the landlord might be able to terminate the lease, but a court would usually have to approve such a drastic measure.

Can a Tenant Change the Locks Without Permission in Wyoming?

Wyoming tenants can change locks without permission in Wyoming. Note that the landlord still has a right to enter for specific reasons, so it’s reasonable for tenants to provide copies of current keys.

What Can a Tenant Do If the Landlord Enters Illegally in Wyoming?

Wyoming tenants might get a court order to force access or sue the landlord for damages, if the landlord enters illegally. In cases of extreme interference, the tenant can terminate the lease by claiming constructive eviction and moving out.