New Jersey Eviction Notice

Grab a New Jersey eviction notice template and read further to learn about what happens AFTER a notice is posted, how long the eviction process takes and other aspects of New Jersey eviction law.

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Types of Eviction Notices

In the state of New Jersey, there is only a single type of Notice to Quit that is sent to the tenants with a fixed-term lease. The document is used for all types of violations, and there is a checkbox that the landlord can use to indicate the reason for the notice being sent and how many days they have to cure it. The violations for this type of notice include:

  • Non-Payment of Rent – This is the box that is to be checked off when the tenant is late paying rent. It is a 30-day notice and it will provide time for the tenant to either pay what is owed or vacate the property.
  • Lease Violations – This box is to be used when there are issues of non-compliance that the tenant needs to fix. This can mean that there is a pet in a unit that is not pet-friendly or another type of violation. This box being checked will provide 30 days to cure the issue or vacate the premises.
  • Disorderly Conduct – This is a box that can be used when the tenant is not considering the peace and quiet of other tenants. This box indicates that the tenant will have a period of three days in which they will need to vacate the unit.

If the tenant has an at-will lease agreement, the landlord will only need to send a 30-day notice to quit to the tenant. No specific reason for the notice will need to be provided.

What Happens After a Notice is Posted

When the notice is provided to the tenant, the landlord will need to wait the 30-day period to see if the tenant responds to the notice and cures the issue. If it is cured, the process ends, but if it is not cured, the landlord can take the case to the Clerk’s office in the county that the property is located in to file a Complaint and Summons. The summons will be served to the tenant, and then they will need to appear in court. The ruling for the case will determine whether the tenant will need to vacate the property or not.

When is Rent Due

Rent is due in this state on the day that is specified in the rental agreement. In most agreements, this will be on the first of the month, but if the document specified another time, it will need to be paid then. Also, rent that is paid even one day after this date will be considered late.

How Long Does the Eviction Process Take

The entire eviction process will vary quite a bit in New Jersey. In general, the process can take anywhere between six weeks and six months. The more a tenant fights to stay in the unit, the longer the process will take.

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