New Mexico Residential Lease Termination Notice

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New Mexico Notice Requirements for Lease Termination by Tenant

  • There is no notice required for a fixed-term lease agreement; when the lease ends, the tenant can move out.
  • A tenant who has a month-to-month agreement will need to give the landlord a 30-day notice to vacate.
  • According to statute § 47-8-37(A), when a tenant has a week-to-week rental agreement, they will need to give at least a seven-day notice.

Legally Terminating a Lease Early in New Mexico

  • The landlord has violated the rights of the tenant by entering the property without notice. In New Mexico, the landlord must give a 24-hour notice to enter the premises.
  • The rental unit is uninhabitable according to New Mexico housing codes. 
  • The tenant is beginning active service in the military. All that the tenant needs to do in this case is to provide a 30-day notice to the landlord. This only applies to uniformed branches of the military.

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