South Dakota Room Rental Agreement

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What is a South Dakota Roommate Agreement?

A room rental agreement is a rental document that is used when there are several roommates living in the same rental unit. This could be because the original tenant had a difficult time paying for the rent alone, so they decided to fill the extra rooms with additional people that could help to make the cost of living in the space more comfortable to manage. This agreement is between the roommates, so the landlord does not have to sign the document or agree to the terms of it. In addition to the rent being divided, the utilities will also be shared between roommates.

What to Include in a South Dakota Roommate Agreement

  • The names of the primary roommate as well as all of the additional roommates. This will include the names of any current roommates living in the unit.
  • The date that the roommates moved into the unit. The date that the lease will expire should also be included as well.
  • The terms of the rental agreement. This should include a copy of the original lease for the roommates to see.
  • The amount of rent that each roommate will be responsible for paying.
  • The way that the security deposit will be split as well as the utilities.
  • Any house rules that the roommates have agreed will be beneficial for the living arrangement.
  • The signature of all of the roommates will need to be included at the bottom of the document.

Roommate’s Rights in South Dakota

A roommate that does not sign the lease is going to have fewer rights than a tenant that has signed onto the lease; however, when a roommate agreement is signed, they will have all of the fundamental rights that a tenant should have. This will include the right to repairs, heat, and hot water. They will also have the right to fight eviction or take the landlord to court if the residence is uninhabitable.