North Dakota Room Rental Agreement

The North Dakota roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) is a contract between all tenants in a shared living situation (“co-tenants”). This document clarifies the obligations of each co-tenant, including financials, rules, terms, and conditions associated with the shared space. All co-tenants must sign to comply with North Dakota state law.

This is an agreement that is between the roommates that share the space, so there is no need for the landlord to be involved in creating the roommate agreement and agreeing to the terms. The roommate agreement will need to have terms that are similar to the ones that were agreed upon in the original rental agreement.

What to Include in a North Dakota Roommate Agreement

  • The date of the agreement, and when the roommates are going to move onto the premises.
  • The names of all of the roommates, even the ones that already live on the premises.
  • The address of the unit that is being rented for this agreement.
  • The amount of rent that each roommate is going to be responsible for paying.
  • The utilities that each roommate will be responsible for paying.
  • The security deposit breakdown should also be included. This will allow the return to be distributed based on the way that it was provided.
  • Any house rules that the roommates need to know about should also be included. This can include things like having pets on the premises, cleaning rules, cooking rules, and more.
  • The signature section where each roommate will need to sign and date to indicate they agree to the terms.

Roommate’s Rights in North Dakota

When it comes to roommate agreements, the agreement is not between the additional roommates and the landlord, so if there is an issue that needs to be addressed, the landlord is going to turn to the tenant that is on the lease. The roommate agreement that is signed by the roommates will add some protection to the arrangement. This means that if the landlord is not making repairs to the unit that are being requested, and the living conditions are unsafe, the roommate will have the ability to take the landlord to court.