Wisconsin Room Rental Agreement

The Wisconsin roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) is a document shared by two or more tenants in a shared residential situation. This contract clarifies the responsibilities of each tenant, including financial obligations, rules, and terms. In compliance with Wisconsin state law, all co-tenants must sign the contract.

This type of agreement will give the primary tenant more leeway when it comes to the rent because the expenses will all be divided amongst the tenants who are living in the space. This means that a three-bedroom house will be that has a higher rent will be split three ways so that it is more affordable for each person. In addition to the rent being divided, the price of the utilities will also be divided, which will make them much more manageable over time.

What to Include in a Wisconsin Roommate Agreement

  • The date of the agreement.
  • The names of the roommates.
  • The terms of the rental agreement and a copy of the original document.
  • The division of the rent and the security deposit between the roommates.
  • The utilities that will be in each roommate’s name and how they will be paid monthly.
  • The house rules that the roommates will need to follow.
  • The printed name and signature of each roommate.

Roommate’s Rights in Wisconsin

Roommates are signed onto the lease, so even though these individuals will have some rights, they will not have the same rights as the primary tenant. They will have the right to ask for reasonable repairs and to have heat and hot water. If these things are not provided to the unit, the tenants, whether they are signed onto the lease or not, will have the right to take the landlord to court.