North Dakota Rental Application Form

The North Dakota rental application form is part of the application process. Prior to the lease, a tenant submits this form and a small fee. The landlord uses the information to order credit, criminal, and rental history reports in order to find the perfect candidate to rent a property.

Applicable Law in North Dakota

When a landlord needs to find new renters for the property that they own, there are federal and state laws that they must abide by to make sure that it is done fairly and no discriminatory act is done during the application process. A background check and a credit check are permitted to be done to make sure that the new tenant is financially capable of paying the rent, but the landlord must clearly get their written consent to do the checks before starting the process. Also, in this state, application fees are not refundable, so they will need to be submitted separately from the security deposit and the rent check. Typically, these fees are collected before the management takes the application.

Fair Housing Laws in North Dakota

Fair Housing laws are designed to make sure that there is no discrimination when accepting applicants. This means that their race, their ethnicity, their religion, their familial status, their gender, or a disability cannot affect whether they are accepted to live in the unit or not. The applications cannot be sorted through looking for a specific quality for tenants to share either because this method of vetting is also a type of discrimination.