Wyoming Rental Application Form

The Wyoming rental application form is used by some landlords as part of the tenant screening process. This document allows landlords to access information about a potential tenant’s rental history and criminal activity, among others. It can help the landlord decide who they will rent or lease the property to.

Applicable Law in Wyoming

Wyoming law places no limit on the amount of application fees. These fees can be non-refundable as well.

Fair Housing Laws in Wyoming

Under the HUD federal laws, housing discrimination against protected classes of people in Wyoming is illegal. The protected classes include people with disabilities, families with children, race, color, religion, national origin, age, and gender. Discrimination based on age, and having children, is allowed in specially-approved senior housing.
The Wyoming fair housing laws do not apply to single-family rental housing that is leased without using the services of a real estate broker, owner-occupied housing of four units or less, and housing operated by an association that is provided for their members only.