Utah Rental Application Form

View a sample Utah rental application form below and read further to learn more about what information should be included on rental applications in Utah, what information a landlord CAN’T ask for, and what Utah-specific regulations apply to the application process.

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Applicable Law in Utah

A rental application is something that a landlord will use to sort through prospective tenants to find one to move into the unit. It will ask about their background, their financial situation, and their credit history, but it cannot ask questions that are discriminatory. If a landlord wishes to perform a background check, they will need to have written permission from the applicant. In Utah, there are no limits on the maximum amount that a landlord can charge an applicant. These fees are also not refundable, so they will need to be given to the landlord or the management company in a separate check or money order.

Fair Housing Laws in Utah

Fair Housing laws are designed to make sure that the applicants who apply for the housing option in the state get a fair and equal chance of getting accepted. They will not be able to be denied based on race, religion, disability, age, sex, familial status, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, or their source of income. The fair housing laws in Utah can be found under Utah Code Ann. §57-21-1.