Utah Sublease Agreement

The Utah sublease agreement is a contract between the tenant of rental property (“sublessor”) and a new tenant (“sublessee”) to relieve some or all of the sublessor’s rental obligations under their original lease. The sublessor must have permission from their landlord to sublet the property.

The new tenant will become the sublessee, and the original tenant will become the sub-lessor in this arrangement. The sublessee will be responsible for paying the rent, the utilities, and following the terms of the property while they are subleasing.

Subletting Laws in Utah

When a sublease agreement is considered, the first thing to check is to make sure that it is permitted by law. In the state of Utah, this type of arrangement is permitted by the primary tenant. As a courtesy, the tenant will want to send the landlord information about the agreement before it happens to officially get their approval for the arrangement. The notice should be sent via certified mail so that the tenant can have proof of its receipt.

What to Include in a Utah Sublease Agreement

  • The names of the sublessor and the sublessee.
  • The date that the sublease agreement will begin and end.
  • The amount of rent that is due each month, and where it should be delivered on the day that it is due.
  • The security deposit that the new tenant will need to pay.
  • The terms of the lease that needs to be followed. This will include the pet policy, the quiet time policy, and anything else the sublessee will need to be aware of with the rental unit.
  • The signature of both of the parties involved as well as the signature of the landlord, which will provide their consent to the arrangement.