Wyoming Room Rental Agreement

Grab a FREE Wyoming room rental agreement sample and read further about what should be included in a room rental agreement in Wyoming and what rights & responsibilities a roommate has under Wyoming law after signing.

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A roommate agreement is similar to a sublease agreement with a few important differences. The specific approval and involvement of the landlord may not be necessary as long as there are no restrictions in the lease against having roommates. Discrimination is not prohibited in selecting a roommate. You are free to choose a roommate based on any criteria you wish to use.

For those who wish to share a rental unit with another person(s), a written roommate agreement is recommended.

What is a Wyoming roommate agreement?

The terms and conditions of sharing a space are detailed in a written roommate agreement. Don’t be shy about writing everything down. The more details there are in this agreement, the better it will be for all the people involved.

Take time to walk a new roommate through all the house rules. Don’t assume that if you hand them the rules on paper, and even if they sign them, that they will follow them. Include a procedure to force a roommate to leave with a 30 day’s prior notice, if the roommate violates the house rules or the agreement.

What to Include in a Wyoming Roommate Agreement

Here is a list of what to include in a Wyoming roommate agreement:

  • Contact Information: Include the information about existing roommates, the new roommate for this agreement, and, for emergencies, the landlord .
  • Rent Amount: Include the rent amount and describe how it is to be paid and on what day of the month it is due.
  • Security Deposit: State the amount required for a security deposit.
  • Rented Area: Describe the roommate’s area in detail.
  • Terms and Conditions: Include any specific terms and conditions.
  • Expenses: If any utilities or other expenses are shared, show how the amounts will be apportioned between the roommates.
  • Termination Date: Show the date that the agreement terminates.
  • House Rules: Include very a detailed description of the house rules regarding noise, use of common areas, cleaning, guests, etc.
  • Signatures/Date: Have an area at the end for all to sign and date the agreement.

Roommate’s Rights in Wyoming

There are no specific laws in Wyoming regarding roommate’s rights. If a roommate in Wyoming is not a signer on the lease, then basic contract law applies to the roommate agreement. The ones who signed the lease have tenant rights and will be the ones held responsible for anything that a roommate, who did not sign the lease, does in regards to non-payment of rent, lease violations, or damages caused by the roommate to the rental unit.