Wyoming Eviction Notice Forms

Last Updated: January 4, 2022 by Elizabeth Souza

A Wyoming eviction notice form for non-compliance is a written document that states a tenant has 3 days to vacate the premises.

Types of Wyoming Eviction Notices

Each possible ground for eviction has its own notice type. Some notices allow the tenant to fix (“cure”) the issue and continue the tenancy, while others simply state an amount of time to vacate by.

Grounds Time Curable?
Lease Violation/ Nonpayment of Rent 3-Day No

3-Day Notice to Quit (Non-Compliance / Nonpayment of Rent)

A tenant can be evicted in Wyoming if they do not uphold their responsibilities under the terms of the lease or rental agreement.

Wyoming landlords must provide tenants with a 3-Day Notice to Quit, giving the tenant 3 days to move out of the rental unit to avoid eviction.

This notice covers a variety of non-compliance issues, including:

  • Nonpayment of rent after 3 days.
  • Material health/safety violations.
  • Too many people living in the rental unit.
  • Violating the terms of the rental agreement.
  • Damaging/destroying rental property.
  • Preventing other tenants from peacefully enjoying the rental property.
  • Unreasonably refusing to allow the landlord to enter the rental unit to make repairs, inspect the unit, or show the unit.
  • Holding over after the lease term expires.

Lease violations could include things like having a pet when there’s a no-pet policy, parking in areas that are not allowed under the rental agreement or smoking inside no-smoking units.

Material health and safety violations could include letting trash pile up inside the rental unit, providing a harbor for rodents or bugs, or even things like damaging the electrical wiring in the rental unit.

Get the downloadable 3-Day Eviction Notice for Noncompliance form template below (.pdf direct link).

What to Include in Wyoming Eviction Notices

Under Wyoming law, a landlord must include the fact that the tenant is going to be evicted and needs to move out of the rental unit on the written notice.

It’s also a good idea to include:

  • The date the tenancy will terminate;
  • The reason for the eviction; and
  • The tenant’s name and contact information.

The landlord will also want to get the tenant’s signature confirming that they received the eviction notice, if the notice was hand delivered.

Delivering Eviction Notices in Wyoming

In the state of Wyoming landlords can deliver an eviction notice through one of the following methods:

  • Giving it to the tenant in person; and
  • Leaving it at the tenant’s workplace if the tenant isn’t at the rental unit or current address.

Eviction Process in Wyoming

  1. An eviction notice is posted by the landlord to vacate or “cure” the issue.
  2. If uncured and tenant remains, the complaint is filed and served.
  3. Hearing is held and judgment issued.
  4. If an eviction is granted, a Writ of Restitution is posted at the property, giving final notice to the tenant to remove their belongings.
  5. Finally, the sheriff returns possession of the property to the landlord.

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