Property Management in Fort Worth, TX

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Fort Worth vs Nearby Cities

Median listing prices for homes in the Fort Worth/Dallas area have jumped from under $150,000 to more than $200,000. The median listing price in Fort Worth is still below $300,000 much of the time, but it’s common to see the median price spike close to $400,000 in Dallas. Buyers willing to live outside the big city can find deals by looking for homes in cities like Arlington. The median home value in this city is usually under $200,000, and many homes sell for less than this figure.

Many cities near Fort Worth now command much higher prices. For instance, the median listing price in Denton is often around $300,000, and median listing prices in Grapevine and Hillsboro are often around $350,000 or a bit higher.

Fort Worth Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for keeping rental units profitable over time. The manager maintains the structural integrity of the property while ensuring that the landscaping and interior designs attract high-caliber tenants. They typically handle all direct communication with tenants.

Fort Worth Property Management Company Fees

Property owners in Fort Worth can expect to pay around eight percent of the gross rent collected from tenants each month. This rate can go substantially higher at times, usually due to adding services to the contract. Owners are responsible for all advertising and operational expenses on top of this management fee.

Texas Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Landlords cannot file for eviction until they give the tenant at least three days to pay their overdue rent or move out of the property.
  • After giving the landlord a reasonable amount of time to respond to critical repair requests, tenants have the right to pay for repairs out of pocket. They can then withhold that amount from their rental payment.