Property Management in Modesto, CA

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Modesto vs Nearby Cities

The median listing and sales prices in Modesto tend to stay around $300,000. It’s common to see prices drop below this figure, but the housing prices are still comparable to many surrounding cities. Sacramento is about 70 miles to the north and tends to offer a median listing price around the same figure. Stockton offers listing prices in the same range but with slightly lower home values. Turlock is just 10 miles to the south and is slightly more expensive with a median listing price that often spikes above $300,000.

These prices are much lower than those seen in coastal cities like San Jose. This larger city is about 90 miles west of Modesto and often features a median listing price around $800,000.

Modesto Property Managers

Property managers in Modesto can do more than collect rent. They can oversee repairs and maintenance duties while making sure that tenants are following the rules. They can even do the marketing and screening to find suitable tenants. If you don’t have time to do it, there’s a good chance your manager can step in for you.

Modesto Property Management Company Fees

A Modesto property manager is likely to charge you a percentage of the rent collected from your tenants, but that fee doesn’t cover all potential services. If you want them to do the advertising and oversee repairs, then you may face additional charges. Some managers also charge vacancy fees.

California Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • It is illegal for a landlord to refuse service based on a potential tenant’s race, religion or other group characteristics.
  • California landlords are also forbidden from refusing service based on a potential tenant’s medical condition or disability.
  • Landlords can only refuse service to tenants based on the number of children they have if the property in question is reserved for senior citizens. In California, all family members under the age of 18 qualify as children.