Property Management in Springfield, MO

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Springfield vs Nearby Cities

Home prices in Springfield are comparable to most nearby cities in southwestern Missouri. Just like Strafford and Pleasant Hope, the median home value in Springfield tends to stay well below $150,000. All three of these cities feature median listing prices below $150,000, and it’s not uncommon for buyers to pay less than $100 per square foot in these towns. You can expect to pay similar prices in most cities throughout this region of the state, but cities like Fair Grove do command slightly higher prices. The median listing price in this city is often closer to $200,000.

Springfield Property Managers

Think of your property manager as a well-trained assistant whom you trust with your real estate investments. They can act on your behalf when communicating with tenants, maintaining your property between tenants and collecting rent. You may also assign accounting, advertising and tenant screening services to your manager.

Springfield Property Management Company Fees

Expect an experienced property manager to charge a base fee calculated as a percentage of the rent collected from your rental units each month. You should receive an itemized list of the services included in that fee, and you may need to pay added expenses for additional services. The size of your property and the amount of time that it will demand from the manager will impact your total expense.

Missouri Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Oral lease agreements are only valid for one month, and leases for more than one year require a written agreement.
  • Missouri landlords have the right to terminate a lease if the tenant violates the terms of the lease, damages the property or fails to pay rent.