Rent Increases & Fees in Alabama

Rent Increases & Fees in Alabama

Last Updated: April 25, 2022 by Elizabeth Souza

In Alabama, the regulation of rent is primarily governed by AL Code § 11-80-8.1. This law bans rent control throughout the state, allowing all landlords to set rent and increase it (with proper notice).

Quick Facts
Rent Control None (State Ban)
Minimum Notice for Rent Increases 30 Days
Max. Late Fee No Limit
Max. Bounced Check Fee $30

When Can a Landlord Increase Rent in Alabama?

Alabama landlords cannot raise the rent during the lease term, unless the lease specifies a mid-lease increase in rent, a landlord may only increase rent at the end of a lease.

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When Is It Illegal to Raise Rent in Alabama?

It is illegal for an Alabama landlord to raise rent in retaliation for a tenant exercising his/her legal rights. Such rights include filing a complaint with governing bodies regarding the health and safety of the rental property.

Pursuant to the Federal Fair Housing Act, it is also illegal for a landlord to raise rent based on the tenant’s age, race, religion, familial status, nation of origin, or disability status.

Is There a Rent Increase Limit in Alabama?

The state of Alabama provides no limits to the amount that a landlord may increase rent.

How Much Notice Is Needed for Raising Rent in Alabama?

There is no statute regarding notice for a rent increase; however, it is common practice for a landlord to provide a minimum of a 30-Day Notice to the tenant before raising rent.

How Often Can Rent Be Increased in Alabama?

The state provides no statute regarding how often rent can increase.

Laws Regarding Late Fees in Alabama

Although the state of Alabama provides no guidance regarding the amount a landlord may charge in late fees, he/she may not impose such fees on his/her tenant unless they are disclosed in the lease.

Laws Regarding Bounced Check Fees in Alabama

A maximum of $30 may be added to outstanding rent when a check is returned (AL. Code § 8-8-15).

Alabama Cities With Rent Control

According to AL Code § 11-80-8.1 (2019), there is no rent control laws for leasing private property in the state of Alabama.