Louisiana State Rent Increases & Fees

  • Rent Control / Increase Limitations. Louisiana state landlords can raise rent only after the lease has ended.
  • Notice Required to Raise Rent. For month-to-month tenancies, Louisiana landlords must provide 10 days notice from next rent due date.
  • Late Rent Fees. Louisiana state landlords may charge up to $25 for bounced checks.

When Can a Landlord Increase Rent?

In Louisiana, a landlord may generally not increase the amount of rent required of a tenant until the lease ends.

When is it illegal to raise rent?

The state has no legislation regarding a landlord’s ability to raise rent in retaliation for a tenant exercising his/her tenant rights. However, it is illegal for a landlord to raise rent based on the race, religion, gender, nation of origin, familial status, or disability status of a tenant.

Is there a rent increase limit?

Louisiana provides no guidance in regards to how much a landlord may increase a tenant’s rent.

How Much Notice is Needed for Raising Rent?

Louisiana requires that a 10-Day Notice be provided before the next month’s rent is due when a landlord seeks to raise an “at-will” tenant’s rent.

How Often Can Rent Be Increased?

Louisiana provides no guidance in how often a landlord may seek to increase a tenant’s rent.

Laws Regarding Late Fees

Although the state of Louisiana provides no guidance in the amount that a landlord may charge as a late fee, it is required that this information be specified in the lease.

Laws Regarding Bounced Check fees

A landlord may add a maximum of a $25 return fee to outstanding rent for a returned check (Title 6, Banks and Banking RS 6:121.7).

Cities in the State With Rent Control

The state of Louisiana has no cities with legislation regarding rent control.