After an exhaustive 78-hour research, we’ve narrowed down our choices for best under sink (point of use) tankless electric water heater to 13. Overall, the Eemax EEM12004 takes the top spot for being the perfect blend of value and quality. It’s not too expensive and works well to deliver hot water fast.

When it comes to quality, the Chronomite SR-20L/208 Low Flow Tankless Water Heater simply can’t be beaten. The build quality of this under sink tankless water heater is exceptional, and most users report that it lasts them for years and years when installed correctly.

If you need an under sink tankless water heater on a budget, go with the Atmor AT-S901-13. This inexpensive unit won’t break the bank. If you aren’t handy yourself and might have to get a professional installation, this can be a great thing.