Ecosmart ECO 11 Review

Read time: 7 minutes Last Updated: 09/18/2019

Ecosmart ECO 11

  • 3 GPM and 105 °F peak temperature ideal for supply a sink and shower simultaneously
  • Built-in self-modulation capabilities
  • Durable stainless steel heating chambers resist corrosion
  • Affordable
  • A single unit cannot supply water for multiple showers at once
  • Warranty is challenging to activate
Dimensions & Capacity:
3.8 x 8 x 11.5 inches
Fuel Type:
Flow Rate & Water Pressure:
3 GPM (peak)
Heating Capacity:
Up to 105 °F
Energy Efficiency Ratings & Certifications:
Display Type:
Material Composition:
Copper & stainless steel
Our Review

The Ecosmart ECO 11’s digital thermostat and interface are both worth noting because of the numerous ways in which they function to provide all users with hassle-free interactions. At face value, the Ecosmart ECO 11’s digital thermometer is easy to read and manipulate within single degrees of precision. The built-in automatic thermostat components also make this task easy to accomplish without lifting a finger.

Like all models from Ecosmart, this model is also durable beyond industry standards. For example, the heating chambers featured in the Ecosmart Eco 11 are made from stainless steel, allowing them to efficiently transfer heat without corroding after years of use. Even the outer case on the Ecosmart ECO 11 is simple to clean and maintain against environmental debris. Despite this, the Ecosmart Eco 11 needs to be cleaned very frequently and has a history of easily corroding over time. While very efficient and well-built, this unit will probably need replacing in a few years, depending on your hot water needs. Just be sure to read the warranty carefully, as some customers have reported issues with it. 

Read more about our how our ratings broke down for the ECO 11 below or checkout how it compares to other whole house tankless electric water heaters.

Why Might I Want this Specific Tankless Water Heater?

Traditional tank water heaters are prone to break down, that’s just a fact of their construction. Even when they aren’t breaking down, they’re broadly inefficient and unable to keep up with the hot water demands of a modern home. For a long time, tank water heaters and their extensive delivery systems were the only options available to consumers…until now.

Today, homeowners and home builders alike can opt for a more efficient, more capable hot water production and delivery option – a tankless water heater. These remarkable units, such as the Ecosmart Eco 11, are able to efficiently meet a home’s heavy hot water demand without wasting resources or wasting time (given their instantaneous activation).
Word is starting to get around about the general benefits of tankless water heaters. Namely, many folks are pleased to learn that they make an effective replacement for traditional water heaters that don’t compromise efficiency. In fact, most tankless units activate instantly at a low GPM, allowing them to meet hot water demands as soon as they arise.

The Ecosmart Eco 11 can certainly do this and more thanks to its feature-packed arsenal of internal components. For example, this model (like all tankless water heaters from Ecosmart) features innovative self-modulation technology that allows it to adjust its output temperature based upon incremental demand changes. Combined with a 99.8% energy efficiency rating, this can save some homes up to 60% on energy spending per year.

The Ecosmart Eco 11 is also its brand’s most compact offering by far. As such, this unit can be comfortably installed almost anywhere – even in a small bathroom to provide a sink and shower with simultaneous hot water. Despite its compact form factor, the Ecosmart Eco 11 still provides a respectable 3 GPM peak.

Quick Tips

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of tankless water heater options on the market lately, know that you’re not alone. It can be challenging to pick up a tankless unit that fits your needs and budget in a hurry anymore. However, these following quick tips will put you on the right path as you rapidly compare and contrast other high-performing with the Ecosmart Eco 11:

  • Evaluate the Installation Space – Pre-measuring your installation location is required or else you risk purchasing a unit that is too large to operate or maintain. The Ecosmart Eco 11 measures 3.8 x 8 x 11.5 inches in total, making it unlikely that it would ever be too large for even the smallest closet or cabinet.
  • Select a Fuel Source – If your desired tankless units are only compatible with a single fuel source, be sure to pick an option that best fits your home’s existing infrastructure (to optimize installation costs). The Ecosmart Eco 11 is natural gas-powered, making it a prime pick for homes with existing natural gas-powered climate control systems.
  • Compare Heating Capacity and Flow Rate – Heating capacity and flow rate combine to determine how hot and how fast a given unit’s output reaches a user. A deficiency in either category can cause the unit to fall short of expectations. The Ecosmart Eco 11’s 3 GPM flow rate and 80°F – 140°F temperature range will certainly serve most low volume in-home hot water needs with precision.

Key Specifications and Features to Look for in a Tankless Water Heater

Dimensions & Capacity

Size matters when it comes to tankless water heaters, so it is important to select a unit that will fit into your intended installation location without impeding its safe operation and maintenance. The Ecosmart Eco 11, for example, measure in at 3.8 x 8 x 11.5 inches, making it an ideal option for those looking to efficiently operate a tankless unit in a cramped location. Capacity won’t be a factor in these measurements though because all tankless units the (the Ecosmart Eco 11 included) lack a need to store water internally.

Fuel Type

Tankless water heaters can run on any one of the three following fuel sources (depending on their internal architecture): electricity, natural gas, or propane. For most homeowners, the best option among these three is the fuel source that is most abundant and affordable in their geographic area. The Ecosmart Eco 11’s electric-powered core is ideal for nearly all homes with extensive electrical infrastructure in place.

Flow Rate & Water Pressure

A tankless unit’s flow rate describes the rate at which water passes through the heating system and travels towards the desired outlet. This is usually measured over a specific period of time, with gallons per minute (GPM) being the most common expression. The Ecosmart Eco 11’s 3 GPM may feel low, but it is actually plenty able to maintain water pressure to a sink and a shower during simultaneous use.

Heating Capacity

Heating capacity within a tankless unit is usually expressed as a range of temperatures. This range, in turn, expresses how capable the unit is of heating ground water up to a safe and sanitary temperature for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The Ecosmart Eco 11 can heat water up to 105 °F, which is more than enough for homes with temperate or moderate groundwater temperatures.

Energy Efficiency Ratings & Certifications

An energy efficiency rating describes how capable a tankless unit is when it comes to transforming its input energy source into heat energy for water. The Ecosmart Eco 11 features a remarkable 99.8% energy efficiency rating, which is nearly unrivaled among competitors within its size class. Even so, this unit doesn’t carry any regulatory certifications to support its advertised efficiency.

Price and Warranty

Within the tankless water heater market, there is a model today to fit nearly every budget. The Ecosmart Eco 11, for example, costs under $250, making it easy to pick up several units for modular installation across the home. This model also includes a lifetime warranty, which is essential to ensure this (or any other) tankless unit is productive for its entire lifespan.

Display Type

Most homeowners will appreciate a user-friendly unit interface that is easy to manipulate efficiently. Digital interfaces are the best at achieving this goal, including the style seen on the Ecosmart Eco 11. That model’s easy-to-read and easy-to-operate puts its competitors with analog displays to shame.

Different Uses for a Tankless Water Heater

Decentralized In-Home Water Heating

It’s becoming more common in newly built homes, but you can also decentralize your home’s water heating and delivery system as a DIY remodel. Using several tankless units like the Ecosmart Eco 11, you’ll be able to meet room-specific hot water demands without the need to worry about using up all of the hot water on a single task. This decentralized set up also makes it easy to perform maintenance without needing to call in a plumber.

Cutting Water and Electric Bills

Tankless units excel when it comes to saving homeowners dollars and cents on their successive utility bills. Many models like the Ecosmart Eco 11 are able to do this by actively decreasing the amount of energy needed to heat the relatively small volume of water in the heating chamber at any given moment. The Ecosmart Eco 11’s self-modulation also saves resources by decreasing the heat and water output to accommodate minute demand changes.