Ecosmart ECO 27 Review

Read time: 8 minutes Last Updated: 09/18/2019

EcoSmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • Can be used in any part of the country, with ground water temperatures between 37 °F and 72 °F
  • 99.8% energy efficiency can lead to major cost savings
  • Use of digital display and self-modulating technology ensures that this unit is always responsive to user needs and concurrent water demands
  • Only requires three 40 DP breakers for safe and effective installation
  • Requires professional installation
  • Requires user to send in paperwork to activate warranty soon after purchase
Dimensions & Capacity:
17” x 18” x 4”
Fuel Type:
Flow Rate & Water Pressure:
5.27 GPM (peak)
Heating Capacity:
140 °F
Energy Efficiency Ratings & Certifications:
Price and Warranty:
Under $500, Lifetime Warranty
Display Type:
Material Composition:
Brass, copper, and other alloy metals
Our Review

The Ecosmart ECO 27 tankless water heater really is a leader when it comes to integrating all of its separate components and features into a single, fully-fledged unit. This can immediately be seen in its use of an automatically resettable thermostat and a digital display in the same unit. When used in conjunction, a user will always have full control over their unit’s output temperature, even when groundwater temperatures dip in the winter months.

Also, the Ecosmart ECO 27 is the second most “powerful” unit in its manufacturer’s primary line of tankless water heaters (surpassed only by the Ecosmart Eco 36 in terms of overall capability). Because of growing competition at this, the higher end of tankless water heater efficiency and power scale, it is truly remarkable that the Ecosmart ECO 27 is built with durable stainless brass and alloyed metals while still maintaining a price point under $500.

Finally, this model’s lifetime warranty deserves a second mention simply due to its effective scale. As long as it is properly activated, it covers the entire unit for its full lifespan. That means that if your unit were to unexpectedly decrease in efficiency or structural integrity, you could send off to have it replaced at little to no added cost. That represents a major add-on for value when it comes to tankless water heaters.

Read more about our how our ratings broke down for the ECO 27 below or checkout how it compares to other whole house tankless electric water heaters.

There are few modern conveniences that compare to on-demand hot water in our homes. Daily routines would be quite a burden if we had to wait for water to boil each time we wanted to cook a healthy meal or clean ourselves after a long day at work. With that in mind, it’s a wonder why anyone still puts up with the long wait and high cost associated with traditional water heaters, especially when a viable alternative is readily available.

Why Might I Want this Specific Tankless Water Heater?

In broad terms, tankless water heaters provide a variety of benefits to homeowners with unique warm water needs. For example, tankless water heaters are well-known for their instantaneous ability to turn cold groundwater into a piping hot stream at your faucets and showerheads. This same functionality makes your home’s water supply effectively unlimited, allowing for a far higher simultaneous use rate than a traditional water heater.

Just for a moment, though, let’s pause and assume that you’re familiar with tankless water heaters, as well as their numerous benefits. As such, you’re probably more interested in what makes the Ecosmart Eco 27 unique from its many, many modern competitors. If that’s true for you, then you’ll be pleased to know that this well-recognized model has a lot to offer in terms of specifications and operational quality.

For example, the Ecosmart Eco 27 is useful in nearly all climates and in the presence of nearly any ground water temperature. This can be seen in the fact that the Ecosmart Eco 27 is rated to provide a simultaneous hot water source to a shower and 2.5 faucets in homes with 42° F ground water. In addition, the Ecosmart Eco 27 can reliably supply hot water to 3 showers and 2 faucets at once in homes with 72° F ground water.

The Ecosmart Eco 27 is also unique in the crowded tankless water heater market due to its implementation of a user-friendly digital interface. Using the automatically resetting thermostat, you’ll be able to control your module water heater’s peak temperature outpoint with a far greater level of precision than antiquated tank water heaters.

There are certainly more reasons why you might want to buy the Ecosmart Eco 27 and add it to your home immediately. Be sure to read on to the in-depth review to gain a fuller appreciation of how this model’s specifications and features come together to make a fully-fledged tankless water heater.

Quick Tips

Identifying the best tankless water heater to meet your needs can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with these unique appliances. If you’re in a hurry to pick out the best possible model, use the following quick tips and compare your findings the appropriate attributes on the Ecosmart Eco 27:

  • Evaluate the Installation Space – Always measure your prospective installation site so that you can select a water heater that can be operated and maintained within the desired space. The Ecosmart Eco 27 measures at around 17” x 18” x 4”, so its compact form factor can be easily installed in most closets and under most sinks.
  • Select a Fuel Source – Tankless water heaters are often designed to interface with only one fuel source, so be sure to select a model that will be financially prudent to operate based on your localized fuel prices. The Ecosmart Eco 27 uses electricity as a fuel source, making it an affordable option in almost any region.
  • Compare Heating Capacity and Flow Rate – Select a model that provides enough water at the proper temperature to meet your family’s simultaneous needs. The Ecosmart Eco 27 can, on average, supply enough hot water for two sinks and two showers based upon its 140° F top temperature and 5.27 GPM flow rate.

Key Specifications and Features to Look for in a Tankless Water Heater

Dimensions & Capacity

Given the need to install one near their intended use point, the physical dimensions of a given tankless water heater model are very important to consider. Unlike with bulky tank water heaters, though, high capacity tankless models are rarely much larger than their moderate capacity cousins. The Ecosmart Eco 27’s 17” x 18” x 4” dimensions and 5.27 GPM rating both speak to its quality in this particular domain.

Fuel Type

Most modern tankless water heaters run on propane, electricity, or natural gas sources. Often, savvy DIY-ers choose a model based upon how abundant (and thus affordable) that resource is in their region. The Ecosmart Eco 27 runs on electricity, making it one of the most versatile for use by homeowners who don’t want to retrofit their installation location for a gas or propane line.

Flow Rate & Water Pressure

Flow rate describes how much water can be pumped through a given unit in a minute, often measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Water pressure, on the other hand, describes how rapidly that water leaves the unit and travels to the outlet point. The Ecosmart Eco 27 features a peak of 5.27 GPM, which indicates its overall ability to provide hot water even in low-pressure plumbing systems.

Heating Capacity

As expected, heating capacity describes the range of temperatures a given unit is able to achieve when interacting with a groundwater source. The Ecosmart Eco 27, for example, features a 140 °F peak temperature, which is a key indicator that it can overcome even sub-freezing groundwater temperatures.

Energy Efficiency Ratings & Certifications

Some modern tankless water heaters come with specialized energy efficiency ratings and certifications from regulatory authorities. Though the Ecosmart Eco 27 does not carry an Energy Star or similar certification, it does carry a remarkable 99.8% efficiency rating that blows most traditional tank units out of the water when it comes to saving on electric costs.

Price and Warranty

High-performing tankless water heaters, like the Ecosmart Eco 27, tend to run in moderate price range for their class. That being said, each module tends to come in at under $500. Also, each model comes with added value in the form of a cost-saving lifetime warranty.

Display Type

A practical display type can make a major difference in how user-friendly a given unit operates. The Ecosmart Eco 27 uses a digital display, a superior yet uncommon display type that is far easier to read and manipulate compared to antiquated analog displays

Material Composition

Depending on your installation location, the material composition could be essential to ensuring that your unit remains at peak functionality over its full life span. The Ecosmart Eco 27 makes use of brass and other alloyed metals throughout to ensure that corrosion never takes hold at critical joints.

Different Uses for a Tankless Water Heater

Decentralized In-Home Water Heating

Simply put, some homes are too large or feature unusual architecture such that a single tank water heater would be infeasible for serving the full home’s simultaneous needs. Tankless water heaters can make a major difference in this type of situation due to their modular nature. Essentially, you’d be able to install one unit in any high use parts of the home and in doing so, eliminate instances of decreased water pressure and temperature.

Cutting Water and Electric Bills

Nearly all tankless water heaters, including the Ecosmart Eco 27, are able to noticeably slash your home’s water and electric costs. This is primarily because a tankless water heater lacks, as its name implies, a water storage tank. This lack of a tank means that house-wide utility costs related to hot water are only commiserated with their true usage, rather than usage plus auxiliary supply maintenance.

Comparing the Ecosmart Eco 27 to the Competition

Ecosmart Eco 27 vs. Ecosmart Eco 36

These two models, the top offerings in EcoSmart’s current catalog, feature many of the same durable components throughout their architecture (many of which are made from brass or similar stainless materials). However, these two models differ most noticeably when it comes to their performance specifications. The Eco 27 features a 5.27 GPM, for example, while the Eco 36 features a 6 GPM. Also, the Eco 36 cost slightly more due to its increased capacity.

Ecosmart Eco 27 vs. Eemax EEM24027

The Ecosmart Eco 27 and the Eemax EEM24027 are actually more similar than they are different. In fact, their respective 5.27 GPM and 5.3 GPM are almost matched 1 for 1. They both come in at similar price points as well. The Ecosmart Eco 27 keeps its edge in this tight race, though, due to the lifetime warranty that comes standard with each unit.