Lockly Secure Pro Smart Lock Review

Read time: 8 minutes Last Updated: 10/04/2019

Lockly Secure Pro

  • Locking/unlocking via fingerprint!
  • Built-in wi-fi adapter
  • Multiple entry options
  • Fingerprint entry can be difficult
  • Pretty pricey
  • App is finicky sometimes
Ease of Use:
Lots of options; simple to use after set-up
Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant
Ease of Installation:
A screwdriver and the easy-to-follow instructions
Lockly app
Door Unlocks By:
Fingerprint reader, access codes, physical key
Remote Access:
Bluetooth and wi-fi (built-in adapter)
Power Options:
4 AA batteries with battery back-up system and in-app battery status
Lock Type:
Deadbolt or latch; complete lock assembly
Keys or Keyless:
Limited lifetime on mechanical & finish; 2-year on electronics
Our Review

In the end, the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock earned an 8.5/10 average weighted score.  This a great lock for people who already use Google Home or Alexa. However, those are the only two systems it will integrate with, so if you use Nest, Ring, or any other smart home system, this is not the lock for you.

The Lockly Secure Pro has a randomized number sequence for passcode entry.  While each passcode remains the same, the order of the numbers on the screen changes after being used, meaning that even if someone were watching you input the code into the lock, they wouldn’t know which numbers you’d actually entered. This is a cool and nifty feature that makes this lock stand out, along with its fingerprint reader, which stores up to 99 unique prints at a time.

It also comes with a door sensor, letting you know if the door is open or closed, which is especially great for vacation rentals, where guests may accidentally leave doors unsecured. Overall, we like how sleek, convenient, and innovative this lock is. However, some of its high-tech attributes are kind of buggy. The fingerprint reader isn’t the most reliable, and it may not fit well with your door frame, but we love the flexibility that comes with access.

Ease of Use

Everyday usage and multiple users

This one’s pretty easy to use—you can either enter a passcode, use your fingerprint, or access the lock remotely through the Lockly app.

You can add eight additional users or up to 50 Bluetooth-only users.

If the batteries should die on you, there is a place to use a physical key, and the lock has a battery back-up system on the lock’s exterior.

Some users reported that the app can lose its wi-fi connection, though most haven’t reported issues.

Others have noted that sometimes the fingerprint reader stops working or it takes a few attempts before the reader recognizes the stored fingerprints, but this was not the case for most users.

For those reasons, we gave the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock a 9/10 in the ease of use category.

Smart Home System Integration

Which systems is this smart lock compatible with?

There is no need to add a hub in order to connect to smart home systems/devices. Once installed, you’re good to go!

The Lockly Secure Pro is compatible with:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa (locking and unlocking the door through voice control)
  • Google Assistant (same functionality as Alexa)

Because this smart lock is compatible with Google Home, and Alexa/Google assistant, but not with other smart home systems or devices, it gets a 7/10 here.

Ease of Installation

Installing this smart lock is pretty simple: you just need a screwdriver. An added bonus: full instructions are included with the lock, and they’re fairly easy to understand.

Once you remove the old lock, following the installation instructions is a breeze. The online video was easy to follow and showed which parts to use at each step.

There are only a few steps, which we list below to help you make your buying decision.

  1. Install the new deadbolt that comes with this lock.
  2. Then install the new strike plate.
  3. Next, install the exterior portion of the lock, then the lock’s support plate.
  4. Once those are all in place, you connect the cable inside the lock.
  5. Add the back assembly.
  6. Next, while adding three of the batteries, press the button on the back of the inside cover and add the fourth battery. (The door will then determine which way the lock needs to open/close.)
  7. Once the lock determines which way to turn the deadbolt, you can install the exterior housing for the electronic components.

It should be a one-person job, although the lock does weigh about five pounds.

This lock gets a 9/10 on installation because of ease to install, but the weight of the lock may make it hard for some users to install without help.

Robustness of the App

What the app can do and how easy it is to use

The Lockly app allows for true remote access since the lock connects via wi-fi. The app is free and works with both Android phones and iPhones.

The app allows you to check locking/unlocking history. Unfortunately, the app only lets you know when the door was locked or unlocked, and not who accessed the door—unless it was via fingerprint, and then a name will display.

You are only able to add eight wi-fi access codes, which is far fewer than just about every other smart lock on the market. You can add an additional one-time use code, and up to 50 Bluetooth-activated codes (if there’s no wi-fi).

Because you can only use the Lockly app, which has less functionality than some apps, the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock gets a 7/10 in this category.

Getting In

How this smart lock opens the door

This smart lock gives you multiple options here!

After scanning authorized fingerprints into the lock, you can use the fingerprint reader to lock and unlock the door. It can store up to 99 fingerprints, which should be plenty for every household!

Some users reported loss of function with the fingerprint reader and/or having to try several times before the fingerprints were recognized.

Also, the fingerprint reader may be inaccessible depending on where the lock fits on your door.

There’s also a touchscreen with randomized numbers to enter passcodes if you prefer that to fingerprints. The order of the numbers changes after each use.

Some users reported that when the lock is in direct sunlight, the screen becomes unreadable, and since the numbers appear in a different order after each use, it’s impossible to tell where to touch the screen to lock/unlock the door.

The lock also has a place to use a physical key.

Because it gives users so many options when it comes to unlocking the door, the Lockly Secure Pro gets a 10/10 in this category.



This lock retails for around $299. While that’s pricier than several of the other locks we’ve looked at, there are a few things that may make this lock worth the price.

It comes with built-in wi-fi—no need to make an additional purchase!

The fact that you have the option of fingerprint entry, randomized touchscreen access code entry, and a place to use a physical key all add up to a good value.

In addition, you can lock/unlock the door remotely through the Lockly app; however, the app isn’t as robust as many other apps on the market, making your remote-control options comparatively limited.

Because the lock offers some incredible features, but the app is underwhelming and the lock only integrates with Google Home and Alexa, we gave it a 9/10 in the value category.

Remote Connection Type

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Both?

This smart lock uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, but it also comes with a built-in wi-fi adapter, so it’s ready to connect to your home network right out of the box.

You do not need a separate hub for this smart lock.

One bonus of having the Bluetooth connection is that guests can still receive and enter access codes even if the wi-fi goes out.

Because both Bluetooth and wi-fi connections are built into the lock, we gave the Lockly Secure Pro a 9/10 here.

Power Options

The Lockly Secure Pro is battery powered, and takes four AA batteries, which should have about a twelve-month lifespan according to the manufacturer.

Battery life information is available in the app only.

Most of the smart locks we reviewed also have a low-battery indicator on the lock itself and not just in the app.

There’s a 9-volt battery terminal on the outside of the lock to charge the keypad and fingerprint reader if the batteries die.

We balanced the cost of replacing 4 batteries at once (and the frequency of replacing the batteries) against the emergency battery back-up and low-battery warning feature in the app only, and gave this smart lock an 8.5/10 in this category.

Lock Type

Lock attachment or full lock?

This is a complete locking system and comes with a full deadbolt assembly. You also have the option of selecting a smart latch, which also contains the full locking assembly.

This is considered to be the safest type of smart lock when compared to those that simply attach to an existing lock.

Because of the lock’s heft, and the fact that it’s a full locking system, we gave the Lockly Secure Pro 9/10 here.

Keys or Completely Keyless Entry?

This lock gives you the best of both worlds, by allowing for keyless entry when you want it, while still giving you the option of using a key, for those who aren’t ready to toss their house keys just yet.

We gave this lock a 9.5/10 for having a physical key and for the three additional keyless entry methods.


Limited lifetime/2-year

This lock comes with a decent warranty. It’s got a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts and finish, and a two-year warranty on the electronic components.

Other smart locks on the market, however, come with three-year warranties on the electronic components.

Because of the decent warranty, the Lockly Secure Pro earns itself an 8/10.

Additional Features

The Lockly Secure Pro has a randomized number sequence for passcode entry. While each passcode remains the same, the order of the numbers on the screen changes after being used, meaning that even if someone were watching you input the code into the lock, they wouldn’t know which numbers you’d actually entered.

It also comes with a door sensor, letting you know if the door is open or closed.