Montana Commercial Lease Agreement

Grab our free sample or generate an official Montana commercial lease agreement. Read further about different types of commercial leases, optional terms to consider and what Montana landlord tenant laws apply to commercial lease agreements.

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Montana Commercial Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • To start, commercial leases differ from residential leases because their terms can span for as much as a decade.
  • The breakdown of payments can vary based on the lease type. For example, with a commercial lease, there are lease types like gross leases, triple-net leases, percentage leases, and modified gross leases. All of these handle how the landlord and tenant divide the running expenses of the rental property.
  • In Montana, there are disclosures that a landlord must make to ensure that the tenant understands the status of the property. This can include the federally-mandated disclosure about lead paint, but it can also include Montana disclosures about existing damage to the property and details on the security deposit.
  • Commercial leases also require a breakdown on how utilities are handled. This can include water bills, phone bills, electric bills, and even sewage treatment. 
  • Like other legal documents, the agreement will need to be closed with the signed and printed name of the participants as well as the date. For record-keeping, it’s also helpful to get the document notarized.