Nebraska Commercial Lease Agreement

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Nebraska Commercial Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Commercial leases, unlike residential leases, are usually designed to have an overall longer term. This is due to the fact that businesses tend to want to operate in a single location for the long term.
  • With commercial leases, the lease type can vary significantly. For example, there are percentage leases where the tenant pays the landlord a percent of the earnings of the business, triple-net leases where the tenant also pays insurance and taxes on the property, and gross leases where the tenant pays just the rent.¬†
  • For property rental in Nebraska, there are a few disclosures that a landlord must present to his commercial and residential renters. These include the federally-mandated lead paint disclosure, which is valid for buildings predating 1978, and the disclosure of anyone who is permitted to act on behalf of the landlord.
  • There should be a breakdown of the various utilities and services that are present in the unit. This can include phone service, water, sewage, and electricity. Some landlords may subsume some of these utilities, but this will vary on a case to case basis.
  • The final section of a commercial lease will be the signature section, which indicates the consent of the involved parties. Each party will sign, print their name, and date the document. Finally, some opt to also have the document notarized.

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