New Jersey Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Grab our free sample or generate an official New Jersey month-to-month rental agreement for residential use. Read further about required disclosures in New Jersey, optional addendums for things like pets, and how much notice is needed to terminate month-to-month leases in New Jersey.

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What is a New Jersey Month-to-Month Lease?

A month-to-month rental agreement is one that gives tenants and landlords a lot of flexibility. In this type of agreement, the parties agree to the terms of the first month, and then when the time expires, the agreement typically will automatically renew. The terms will be the same unless specified by the landlord, and the tenant will easily be able to end the agreement at any time.  This can be a good option for a person who is waiting for a home to become available to purchase, a person who is planning on expanding their family soon, or someone who is waiting for their home to be renovated and needs a temporary place to stay. 

New Jersey Requirements for a Month-to-Month Lease Termination

Both the landlord and the tenant can end this type of agreement, and they will both need to give the other party a notice that will allow the landlord enough time to locate a new tenant for the property and the tenant enough time to find a new place to live. Both parties will need to provide a 30-day notice if they plan on ending the rental agreement. Since this is an at-will lease, the landlord will not need a reason to terminate the arrangement.

Raising the Rent in New Jersey 

Even though this is an at-will lease that is more flexible than a fixed-term lease, the landlord will still need to provide some notice to the tenant before they increase the rent. The notice must be at least 30 days before the increase, and if the original lease has any stipulations pertaining to the rent increase of the unit, they must be followed as well.