Oregon Room Rental Agreement

The Oregon roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) is a legal contract that describes the obligations of each tenant in a shared living situation. Each tenant agrees to meet certain financial expectations and adhere to rules, terms, and conditions associated with the shared space.

A roommate agreement takes two forms. One form is when a person rents a place, signs a lease, and then looks for a roommate to share it with them. The other form is when more than one person agrees to look for a place to rent and share.

In the first form, the new roommate may not necessarily be a signer on the lease. That person only signs a roommate agreement; yet, still must follow the terms and conditions of the lease in a way that is just the same as the original tenant.

In the second form, all the roommates sign the lease agreement and then they can have a separate written roommate agreement that sets up the house rules for how everyone will live together.

What to Include in an Oregon Roommate Agreement

Here is a checklist of the things to include in a roommate agreement:

  • Rent: Rent amount, when it is due, how it is to be paid, and the late fees.
  • Utilities: How the utilities will be shared and how the allocations are calculated.
  • Private and Shared Space: State what space is private and what part of the rental unit will be common areas.
  • House Rules: The house rules should be very detailed and discussed in-depth with every roommate to make sure they are understood. Important items are the guest policy, noise rules, cleaning chores, and who has the responsibility to pay for any damage.

Roommate’s Rights in Oregon

If a roommate signs the lease, they cannot be evicted without the involvement of the landlord. The landlord must have good cause to evict anyone who is a signer on the lease. A material violation of the terms and conditions of the lease is sufficient as a good cause as well as criminal activities, drug/alcohol problems, or endangering others.

If the roommate is not a signer on the lease, then the roommate agreement may be on a month-to-month basis. The laws about discrimination that landlords must follow do not apply to roommates who do not sign the lease.

A month-to-month roommate agreement is terminated by giving the roommate a written 30-days notice before the termination date. If the roommate fails to move out on time, the roommate may be evicted without the participation of the landlord as long as the roommate is not on the lease.