Nevada Room Rental Agreement

The Nevada roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) is a contract that details the financial obligations, social expectations, and terms and conditions associated with two or more tenants in a shared living space (“co-tenants”). Each co-tenant must sign the contract to comply with Nevada state law.

With this type of rental agreement, the arrangement is actually between the tenants, so it bears less weight than an agreement that is between a tenant and a landlord. It will allow the tenants to split the cost of the rent and the other expenses for the rental, which can make it much more manageable.

What to Include in a Nevada Roommate Agreement

When making up a room rental arrangement, it is imperative to include a few different things in the agreement so that all of the roommates will have some legal backing if they need it. 

  • The names of all of the roommates living in the unit.
  • The address of the property.
  • The amount of rent and the initial security deposit amount for each roommate should be covered.
  • The way that the utilities are divided between the roommates will need to be covered as well so that the funds are available when they are due.
  • The dates of the agreement and whether it is possible to renew the lease when it expires. 
  • The house rules will need to be included as well.
  • Whether or not pets are permitted on the property will need to be covered so that the new roommate knows all of the rules pertaining to pets. 
  • The signature of every roommate currently living in the space as well as the new roommate being added to the agreement.

Roommate’s Rights in Nevada 

A roommate agreement does not tend to hold as much weight as a residential lease in the state of Nevada. This means that, even though the tenant lives in the space, only the main tenant is going to be responsible for answering to the landlord when something needs to be addressed.