Oregon Lease Termination Notices

Last Updated: February 5, 2024 by Roberto Valenzuela


Oregon Lease Termination Notice Basics

An Oregon lease termination notice, or “Notice To Vacate,” is a letter which complies with state legal requirements to end a periodic-term lease (in other words, one where the end date is not fixed at the beginning of the rental agreement). A periodic-term lease in Oregon requires at least 30 calendar days of advance notice to terminate. By contrast, a fixed-term lease normally ends on the agreed date of termination, without any requirement to provide further notice.

Oregon Notice Requirements for Lease Termination by Tenant

Oregon requires the following amounts of notice to terminate a lease, depending on the lease term:

  • Weekly Rentals: Seven calendar days of notice before termination
  • Month-To-Month Rentals: 30 calendar days of notice before termination
  • Fixed Period Leases Longer than One Month: Terminates according to the agreed fixed term, with no notice required except if renewing the lease

Early Lease Termination in Oregon

Oregon leases typically charge a penalty for early termination. These are some situations where early termination may occur without penalty:

  • Material Breach of Lease Agreement: Either the tenant or the landlord can terminate early if the other party materially breaches (i.e., substantially violates) the lease agreement.
  • Active State Service or Military Service: A tenant who has to move due to active state service (section 90.472) or federal military service (section 90.475) may terminate early with at least 30 calendar days of written notice, providing a termination date at least 30 days after the start of the next rental period.
  • Landlord Fails to Remedy Health and Safety Violations: If the landlord fails, after written notice, to fix health and/or safety violations which render the premises uninhabitable, the tenant can terminate without penalty.
  • Privacy Violation by Landlord: A tenant may be entitled to early termination if the landlord violates Oregon Revised Statues section 90.322 (b) (tenant entitled to 24 hours of written notice before a landlord entry) or section 90.375 (prohibiting landlord lockout of a tenant).
  • Illegal Contract: An illegally executed lease or a rental property which cannot legally be occupied both allow early termination without penalty.
  • Domestic Violence: Victims of domestic violence may terminate a lease early by giving the landlord 14 days of advance written notice, per Oregon Revised Statutes section 90.453.
  • Landlord Fails To Give Tenant Required Disclosures: Oregon requires that the landlord make certain disclosures, including the property owner’s and/or property manager’s contact information as well as a signed copy of the written lease agreement and also in some cases a floodplain disclosure. Failure to disclose may permit early termination by the tenant.