South Carolina Rental Application Form

The South Carolina rental application form allows a landlord to access background information about a prospective tenant. Credit, criminal, and rental history information can help a landlord decide who to rent to, and which tenant is most likely to honor a lease agreement.

Applicable Law in South Carolina

When a landlord has a vacant unit, they are going to need to have a suitable application that they can use to find a new tenant for the vacancy. In the state of South Carolina, there are no rules about the amount of money that a landlord can charge for an application fee, but whatever they charge is going to be a non-refundable fee that they can use for a background check. The landlord must also make sure to get the signature or written consent of the applicant to do a background check when the application is collected.

Fair Housing Laws in South Carolina

Fair Housing laws are regulations that have been put in place at the state and federal level to make sure that all applicants who are interested in housing in the area are able to get the same fair opportunity to be accepted into the housing. A landlord cannot refuse a tenant based on familial status, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or a disability. In addition, if a tenant of one of their family members has a disability, the landlord cannot refuse to make modifications to the common area or the unit, but they can ask that the costs of the modifications be covered by the tenant. Accommodations to the rules will also need to be made when a tenant has a service dog living with them or a health aide who will be there daily to issue care but will not be on the lease.