Property Management in Asheville, NC

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Asheville vs Nearby Cities

The real estate prices in Asheville are comparable to most surrounding cities in this mountainous region of western North Carolina. The city’s median home value is around $250,000, but the median listing and sales prices are often much closer to $350,000. Buyers can expect to pay more than $200 per square foot on average, and the median rent price is typically around $1,500 per month. Many nearby cities offer slightly lower prices. For instance, the median listing price is often around $300,000 in Hendersonville, Waynesville and Mars Hill. The median rent price is often around $1,000 in these cities. Buyers can expect to pay more in Weaverville. The median home price can get close to $400,000 in this city.

Asheville Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for maintaining rental units so that they remain profitable for their owners. This often includes overseeing routine maintenance as well as renovations and repairs. From painting walls and cleaning carpets between tenants to working with landscaping contractors, the manager should keep all areas of the rental property clean and attractive.

Asheville Property Management Company Fees

Property owners in Asheville typically pay professional managers around eight to 10 percent of the gross rent collected from their tenants. In addition, they typically pay a leasing fee that covers the manager’s effort to find new tenants. In most cases, the leasing fee is a percentage taken from the first month’s rent for each new tenant.

North Carolina Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a leasing agreement is valid for more than two months, the landlord can collect no more than twice the monthly rental rate when charging a security deposit.
  • Non-refundable pet deposits are legal in North Carolina, but landlords are limited to a “reasonable” dollar amount.
  • Landlords have one month to return a tenant’s security deposit.