Property Management in Denver, CO

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Denver vs Nearby Cities

The home prices in north-central Colorado are quite scattered. The median listing price in Denver is often around $500,000, but 30 miles to the northwest, the median listing price in Boulder is often close to $750,000. Longmont is about 35 miles to the north and offers a median listing price close to $400,000. The median listing price in nearby Castle Rock can get close to $550,000. The median home values in most of these cities are firmly below $500,000, but it rises to around $700,000 in Boulder. This makes Denver an affordable alternative to Boulder.

Denver Property Managers

When you’re ready to unload some of the stress involved with property management, bring an experienced property manager on board. You can depend on your manager to handle all tenant inquiries and complaints while keeping your property safe, sanitary and appealing to renters.

Denver Property Management Company Fees

Expect to pay an experienced property manager up to 12 percent of the rent collected from your tenants. This rate can go a bit higher or lower, depending on the services included and the requirements of your property. You may need to keep money in an account so that the manager can pay for repairs and other operational expenses promptly.

Colorado Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Colorado landlords can give themselves up to 60 days to return security deposits, but they must state the exact amount of time allowed in their rental agreements.
  • If a landlord fails to state the length of time in which they will return security deposits, they are legally required to do so within one month of a tenant turning in their keys.