Property Management in Fort Collins, CO

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Fort Collins vs Nearby Cities

Fort Collins real estate prices are slightly higher than prices seen in most nearby cities. The median listing price can get close to $400,000 at times, and the median home value is closer to $350,000. Wellington is about 10 miles to the north and offers a median listing price comparable to the city’s median home value, which is around $300,000.

Loveland is about 10 miles to the south and features a median home value in the same range, but the median listing price in this city tends to stay around $350,000. Even more affordable prices are found about 30 miles south of Fort Collins in Greeley. The median listing price tends to stay below $300,000 in this town.

Fort Collins Property Managers

A property manager can help you maintain your rental property while keeping your tenants content. They can collect rent and answer questions regarding repairs and routine maintenance, and they may even handle advertising and renew leases as needed. If you lack experience in some areas of management, a professional will bring their expertise to your business.

Fort Collins Property Management Company Fees

Most property managers charge clients a percentage of the rent collected from tenants. This rate often falls between eight and 12 percent, but it can go a bit higher for more demanding properties. It’s important to ask what services are included in that fee. Also ask if a vacancy fee applies.

Colorado Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • Colorado landlords can only charge late rent fees if they state the amount and terms of the fee in the rental agreement.
  • There is no restriction on what landlords may charge for the late rent fee.
  • If a landlord decides to increase the rent on month-to-month rentals, they must give each tenant at least a 10-day notice in writing.