Property Management in Missoula, MT

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Missoula vs Nearby Cities

Missoula is surrounded by picturesque national forests on the western edge of Montana, and the housing market can become aggressive at times. The median listing price is around $300,000, and it’s common for buyers to pay a median price per square foot over $200. In some neighborhoods, the prices are significantly higher. Missoula’s housing prices are similar to those seen in many surrounding cities, including Lolo. There are some towns that demand slightly higher prices. For instance, the average listing price in Clinton is known to spike above $350,000 at times.

Missoula Property Managers

Property managers are responsible for keeping rental units in compliance with all laws as well as attractive to tenants. They manage rent collections, pay standard operational expenses and may handle all accounting tasks. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, the property manager will hire and supervise contractors.

Missoula Property Management Company Fees

It’s common for property owners and real estate investors to pay professional managers between six and 14 percent of the rent collected from their tenants each month. Prices on the lower end of that range typically receive standard services while the higher rates are charged when the property may need more attention than usual.

Montana Landlord/Tenant Laws

  • If a landlord doesn’t intend to take deductions from a tenant’s security deposit, they have 10 days to return the deposit once the tenant vacates the property.
  • Landlords may take up to 30 days to return a tenant’s security deposit if they need to deduct for property damages.